Getting acquainted.

First comes love, then comes finding the right wedding designers/planners. Planning a wedding can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, so the more you can tell us about who you are and what you may be looking for, the easier it'll be to figure out if we're the right people to help guide you through it.  

(e.g. "I want a big party with my friends." "My family wants one." "Tradition is important to me.")
7. What are the top three things that are most important to you both for this wedding?
Check three.
8. How are you feeling about planning your wedding?
Check all that apply.
9. Do you have a "vision" for this wedding?
10. How collaborative and/or involved do you want your wedding designer/planner to be throughout this process?
(e.g. decor, food, music, overall vibe, location, lack of water/beverages, didn't feel comfortable, poor planning, the flow of events/activities)
This is just to give us a feel for the type of event you're after to ensure we're an aesthetic fit.